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Remote Assistance Service


Dayon! is an open-source and cross-platform (JAVA) solution that allows for watching and controlling a remote computer. In this sense, it is therefore very much similar to existing remote desktop solutions.

But I guess it's got some features that makes it valuable.

You'll find more details on this page.


Easy Setup

Dayon! is dedicated to people who are quite new in the computer world. There's no need to setup the network (i.e., no firewall setup, no router configuration, no NAT setup) on their computer. Dayon! is acting there as a client connecting to the monitoring computer. Since version 1.2, the assisted application can be started using a single URL click within you favorite WEB browser (i.e., Java Web Start) for an even better (and hopefully easiest) user experience.

Low Network Bandwidth

Dayon! is sending compressed and cached gray (up to 256 levels) pictures to minimize the network usage offering as much as possible a real-time experience over the Internet. Those pictures are far enough for monitoring and explaining the different menus, icons and discovering the computer setup, etc...

Status (v1.2)

Dayon! is currently the result of very few days of implementation and as such is still quite un-mature. Many things can be improved in different areas. I'll improve it as soon as I need new features to support my relatives back home and as well if the community should have any interest in that tool.


I've developed Dayon! as I'm now living in the Philippines and communicating with my family and friends back in Europe over Skype. Unfortunately, they're using Windows Vista that I do not know at all and it's quite difficult for me to help them with very basic tasks (e.g., setup a scanner to send me some documents, cleanup the disks, email issues, virus warning, etc...).

I did not want them to setup their firewall and DSL/cable router and NAT and whatever required so that I can access their machine using a remote desktop connection. So, I've decided to implement something very simple in my free time and at the same time take into account a low bandwidth and high latency network.

By the way, Dayon! means Come In! in Visayas - the local dialect.


This program is a free software licensed under the GPL license. Dayon! is using other excellent free softwares: Jetty, NSIS, Crystal and launch4j.